Gold-Based Monetary System To Bring Price Stability To Crypto

Kinesis was founded by the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), the world’s first electronic, institutional bullion exchange for physical precious metal. Which gave the new blockchain-based fintech company an exceptional start: extensive infrastructure and a fully operational exchange built for the trade and storage of physical bullion in seven locations around the world. The new — but experienced — startup is able to “bring back a truly decentralized, [digitized] stable asset, based on blockchain technology,” Kinesis says.

ITO Launch

Kinesis is currently in the public sale phase of their Initial Token Offering (ITO) of its Velocity Token (KVT), which will be the first cryptocurrency made available by the startup’s team. KVT is a utility token and is not backed by a physical asset but rather a whole monetary system.

With KVT, investors can get a share of the transaction fees generated by the system (maximum 20 percent). This income is distributed to holders of 300,000 KVT, and company promises there will be no future dilution.

According to Kinesis, there is a high demand of its first tokens. Kinesis says it raised over  $50 million just in their presale period by selling over 55,000 KVT.

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