China's "Brightest Children" Being Recruited For AI Arms Race With The U.S.

According to the SCMP, China’s foreign ministry confirmed when asked about the BIT program that "the country was actively engaged in the development and application of AI technology to serve its economic, social development, and scientific and technological progress."

Another expert cited in the SCMP report, Stuart Russell, director of the Center for Intelligent Systems at the University of California, Berkeley, speculated on the consequences of AI development for military application: “Machines should never be allowed to decide to kill humans. Such weapons quickly become weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, they increase the likelihood of war,” he said.

As the BIT program students will be immersed in both AI and how to develop advanced killing machines at such a young age, it is unlikely that they will ever pause to consider the unforeseen consequences or ethical dilemmas inherent in such dangerous technologies given voice by the Western professors cited in the SCMP report. But perhaps that's the whole point of Beijing immersing them in the program at such a young age. 

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