Technical Analysis

Housing Inventory Tracking

It appears existing home inventory has bottomed in some areas, and might be close to bottoming nationally. For example, in May, inventory was up 8.3% year-over-year (YoY) in California.   However inventory nationally was still down 6.1% YoY in May.But this isn't like in late 2005, when...

What Keeps A Billionaire Awake At Night: "Envy, Hatred, Social Warfare" And The "Destruction Of The Middle Class"

There is something morbidly ironic when one of the world's richest men, in this case South African Johann Rupert, who has made billions (his net worth is roughly $7.5 billion) peddling Cartier jewelry and Chloe fashion as founder and chairman of luxury conglomerate Richemont, whose 20 brands also include Vacheron Constantin and Montblanc, said tension between the rich and poor is set to escalate, that the "envy, hatred and the social warfare" may crush society, and that "we are destroying the middle classes at this stage and it will affect us."...

Saudis Believe They Are Winning The Oil Price War

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that OPEC won’t cut its production levels at its June 5 meeting in Vienna. Anyone needing strong evidence, if not proof, of this need only listen to Ali al-Naimi, the architect of the cartel’s effort to reclaim market share.

In fact, some observers say OPEC not only won’t cut overall production levels from 30 million barrels a day to shore up prices, but may even increase them.

It’s important to remember that shoring up oil prices is not the highest priority on al-Naimi’s list right now. While some OPEC members...

JPM Non-GAAP Revenues Beat, Earnings Rise On Reduced Legal Charges

Following countless quarters in which JPM suffered about $30 billion in legal charges, the tempets in Jamie Dimon's legal settlement teapot may be quieting down, with a quarter in which JPM experienced "only" $687 million in pre-tax legal expenses, or about $0.13 in EPS.

As a result of this reduced kickback to the government to continue operating, JPM managed to beat expectations on both the top and bottom line, printing revenues and EPS of $24.8 billion...

Google Chrome Approaching World Domination?

The above is publicly available on Stat-Counter which tracks my traffic.

If you wish to take a look, click on the "View My Stats" button (not the number) at the bottom of this page.

Since inception I have had over 102 million hits (the number shown).

I switched over to Stat-Counter from SiteMeter long ago, for numerous problems that I still see people complaining about. Stat-Counter keeps track of all...

The Lesson Of Greece: Only Collapse Makes Real Change Possible

When the illusion that the Status Quo can fulfill all its promises to everybody dies, the Status Quo starts the terminal slide to effective collapse.

Of the many lessons we can learn from Greece's difficult path to rejection of debt-serfdom, the most important is perhaps the most obvious: no real change is possible until the Status Quo can no longer fulfill its promises, i.e. it effectively collapses.

The collapse of the Status Quo has two distinct features: the process is highly variable, and the process affects the social classes in different ways...

British Government Wants To Outlaw Secure Communication (To Keep You Safe)

Well at least someone finally had the candor to just come out and say it.

In the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe, British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for an end to secure communications technology.

In other words, he wants to ensure that you will never again be able to use encryption technology to maintain privacy...

Why Risk is Integral Part of Invention, Growth and Wealth

Ask any friends, colleagues or contacts you know who've enjoyed success about risk. If they're anything like me or my group of friends, they'll tell you that regretting risks NOT taken is higher on their list than regretting risks taken.

This is the polar opposite to what we hear from the mainstream. It seems we bipeds hate pain so much that we've allowed the bureaucrats to develop encyclopedic volumes of laws "protecting" us from it...

Fed: Industrial Production increased 0.6% in May

Industrial production rose 0.6 percent in May after having declined 0.3 percent in April. The decrease in April was previously reported to have been 0.6 percent. Manufacturing output increased 0.6 percent in May after having moved down 0.1 percent in the previous month. In May, the output of mines gained 1.3 percent and the production of utilities decreased 0.8 percent. At 103.7 percent of its 2007 average, total industrial production in May was...