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S&P 500 Update – Big Fake or Little Fake?

As mentioned in the last S&P 500 update we were looking for stocks to continue lower into the next target/inflection zone, which was around 2,740 (May 29 Profit Radar Report: “We expect 2,740 – 2,720 to be reached. From there, a larger bounce may develop.”).
Sunday’s (June 2) Profit Radar...

S&P 500 – The Ideal Path

The S&P 500 has been following the yellow projection published in the May 13 Profit Radar Report. The original projection along with updated price is shown below, the original May 13 Profit Radar Report update is available here.
Barron’s rates iSPYETF as “trader with a good track record” and Investor’s Business Daily says: “When Simon says, the market listens.” Find out why Barron’s and IBD endorse Simon Maierhofer’s Profit Radar Report. Moving forward, here is a very simple approach: Lase week, the S&P 500 broke below long-term black trend channel support. This support is now resistance (around 2,830). Additional resistance is provided by last week’s low (2,801). While below 2,801 – 2,830 we are looking for more weakness. A move above resistance could unlock a rally to about 2,900, which would likely be an...

S&P 500 Update

Last week, the Profit Radar Report stated that: “We would be interested to buy if the S&P 500 drops below 2,810 and subsequently rallies back above 2,830. Although we don’t know how much the S&P would rally, we want to have some skin in the game.”
Barron’s rates iSPYETF as “trader with...

5 Tempting High Reward S&P 500 Sector ETF Setups

If you like team sports, you know that a team may win even though some of its players had a bad day, or vice versa.
Just as a team is made up of individual players, the S&P 500 is comprised of individual sectors. Not all sectors perform at the same level at the same time, in fact, some may...

Comprehensive S&P 500 Update

Short-term S&P 500 Analysis
In the April 7 Profit Radar Report I introduced a very simple approach to analyzing the S&P 500. See chart and commentary below:

“Red trend line resistance has held thus far, and has not become main stream enough to be negated. Green trend line is near-term...

New S&P 500 Highs Reduce Long-term Bear Market Risk to Zero

Yes, this is a pretty bold headline, but it’s not just a sensationalistic attention grabber, it’s simply the result of my research.
I published a similar article before in February 2016, when the S&P 500 traded below 1,900. The title then was: 2016 Bear Market Risk is Zero Based on this...

S&P 500 Update – Outrageous Projection

The S&P 500 is following closely my projection (in yellow) published in the Profit Radar Report’s 2019 S&P 500 Forecast.
Barron’s rates iSPYETF as “trader with a good track record” and Investor’s Business Daily says: “When Simon says, the market listens.” Find out why Barron’s and IBD...

Finding an Edge in a Dull Stock Market

How to gain an edge:
A bear jumps out of a bush and starts chasing two hikers. They both start running for their lives, but then one of them stops to put on his running shoes. “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!” says one hiker, the other one replies: “True, but I don’t have to outrun...

Gold Update

In August 2018, gold carved out the bottom outlined via this projection published in the August 29 Profit Radar Radar Report.

Gold appears to have finished the first leg of this rally on February 20 at 1,350, which was followed by a 70-point drop.
The March 10 Profit Radar Report featured this...