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EM Equities – Outperform Outright But Getting Near Key Levels

Emerging Markets have rallied 9% in 24 days and sits near key resistance on the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM, quote) at $41.00 and 1000 on the MSCI EM.
We think the recent outperformance to SPX is about currency resilience and China (FXI, quote) outperforming. Both will continue to...

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call – January 22

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call – January 22 – On the call today how rare in life how something with such high expectations delivers – The ECB did that today!
The ramifications for emerging markets (EEM, quote) continue to be very strong and strangely enough on the currency front where despite...

King Abdullah’s Passing

The spot price of crude oil pushed higher in the news of Saudia Arabia King Abdullah’s passing. The bulls are speculating on a shift in Saudia Arabia’s policy of letting crude prices to fall.
Early morning trading pushed WTI oil (USO, quote) by 0.25% to only reverse and continue lower, trading...

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call January 23

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call for January 23 2015.  Your Ticket Around The World.
On the call today we’ll dive into a week that delivered on expectations for risk assets as well as how we are positioning into the weekend and into next week.
We talk about why an overbought Euro is actually...

Market Update – China

China’s final GDP results came in better the expected at 7.3% q/y last week and USB is looking for China to continue at a pace of 6.8% for 2015. UBS went on to say it expects further China policy measures will help the county’s sluggish economy.

Looking back on 2014 China’s (FXI, quote) GDP...

Goldman Says $40 Oil But Will Recover – I Say Look At The Chart

Goldman Sachs says $40 oil first half of the year but $65 to $70 in the second half of the year and this story is catching some headlines.

I’m not sure how Goldman gets a free pass to be all over the road on oil but I’ll at least agree with much of this calendar.
Volatility remains in the...

Emerging Money Audio Call January 28

Emerging Money Audio Call January 28 – On the call today we find a quiet bull market in emerging slowly developing?
We also look at Ali Baba’s earnings tomorrow and talk about this flagship member of the EM blue-chip community finally commodity prices are getting our spider senses...