Over Half of Advisors in Survey Don’t Have a Plan in Place to Return to the Office

In a recently released Red Zone Marketing survey of 641 respondents across 50+ broker-dealers, banks, and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), 83% of professionals in this field expect to return to a normal, in-office schedule before the end of the year, but only 49% have a plan in place to do so. Additionally, two-thirds of the participants affirmed that they are confident they can attract new business through virtual meetings. Could this environment engender a strategic ‘breakaway’ progression for large firm advisors?

Intel’s Pageviews Light Up Amid Reports the CEO ‘BTFD’

Intel (INTC) is in focus after a steep drop in price, and on reports the company’s Chief Executive Officer bought $400,000 worth of stock amid the weakness. According to TrackStarIQ data, pageviews for the ticker surged 2,700% last week as financial professionals scrutinized the ticker in the wake of the selloff.

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