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Amplify Daily Trading Update

On the first day of a new quarter, Sam takes a look over the S&P500, Pound, Euro and Gold, discussing where he sees the keys levels and moves, and what we could expect in the near future.

Stock Markets Still Struggling

At the midpoint of the year, we're continuing to see stock markets struggle - Craig takes a closer look at the Dow Jones and talks us through the moves we've seen recently. As economies reopen and try to control "second waves", will we begin to see more positive moves?

A Look at Japanese Markets

Tim takes a look at Japanese Equities, an area in which Vermeer are structurally bullish. Tim looks at the reasons behind this thinking, and what to look out for when investing in Japanese stocks and companies.

100 Days Later

As we approach the hundredth day of the UK lockdown, how is the economy responding to measures to lift these restrictions?

Stocks & Composites

Trader Davey takes a look at his composite of the US markets to see whether the market is over - or under - bought. He also examines the S&P 500 along with some unique stocks.