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Riding the Bubble Wave

Keeping a keen eye on the markets, it's becoming clearer that we may be entering another bubble. What should you be on the lookout for, and what should you be sure to avoid?

Top 5 Start Up Frauds

Startups are synonymous with millennials in that they are entrepreneurial, enterprising and scalable. Hard work and innovation are the ingredients to success and most startups fail. However, for some, the idea of failure is too much to bear, and they embrace the mantra ‘fake it till you make it’.

A Growing Hunger for Risk?

Risk appetite is growing, which is being fuelled even further by the Fed's latest decision to cut interest rates. How is this risky environment affecting global yields?

Saudi Aramco

Today we are going to take a look at a potential IPO that sits at the heart of geopolitical events and has the potential to be one of the biggest companies ever to float.

Softbank Post-WeWork

In the wake of the WeWork scandal, the Japanese holding company Softbank is counting its losses. What does the future hold for this major investor?

Where's the US Dollar?

Kevin Bull gives us his weekly update on the dollar index. Away from the reaction of the currency to current affairs, we take a deep dive into the technical analysis of the charts.